Thou wilt shew me the path of life:
in thy presence is fulness of joy;
at thy right hand there are pleasures
for evermore. Psalms 16:11


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Everybody knows that systemic racism happens.

The system is racist.

But what shocks me is how blind we are when the system is in the process of becoming even more racist.

Case in point: the shot.

Despite only 10% of the world being white, the shot is not engineered to work best for 90% of the world that is non-white, but to work best for the few 10% of whites.

Side effects, complications, and death are higher for Blacks and other minorities because of this, some estimating that it is four times more dangerous.

And the 90% are not foolish. They don't want to take a shot that is far more dangerous for them.

Yet the 10% majority of white people put their fingers in their ears and purposely become deaf to those who cry out for equality and fair treatment.

"We're giving it to you for free! Why won't you just take it?" they say, totally ignoring the validity of the cries of the 93% of minorities in the world.

And the motivation of the 10% majority of whites is even more disgusting. They don't truly care about the health or what happens to those 90% at all.

The 10% of white people just want to go to Europe.

They just want to go back to enjoying being rich and lording it over the other 90%.

They just want to enjoy cruises, and other perks of being in the cruel 10% majority of whites who own possibly 90% of the wealth of the world.

And the 10% majority of whites want to enjoy all of these lavish luxuries in a way no different than slave owners did centuries ago, typically with those very same oppressed minorities serving them in roles that are in reality absolutely no different than slaves.

After all, if you can't escape from your lot in life, doomed until death to live in bondage to the 10% of whites, how is that any better than being doomed into slavery?

The 10% majority of white people, such as those in the United States, want to force all those people to take a shot far more dangerous for them, just so they can go back to enjoying themselves and exploiting the minorities as usual.

And how does tie back into systemic racism?

The reason we don't realize how systemic racism happens is because we choose to ignore it when it is convenient for us, especially when we are right in the middle of making systemic racism even worse.

The reason the system is racist is because we are racist.

And if we don't realize that we are racist, that is not an excuse.

Until we realize this, that we ARE racist, that the things we hold so dear like shot mandates and health care, are actually racist, and until we fix them by making health work better for the 90% even it it works worse for the 10%, then the system will only continue to become more and more racist.

Until we realize that all political parties are just as racist as the Republicans, and that our "wonderful, life-saving mandates" are really just more racism too that the 10% majority are doing only for themselves to continue being the same as the slave lords, we will never end systemic racism.

  Joseph Myers

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