Thou wilt shew me the path of life:
in thy presence is fulness of joy;
at thy right hand there are pleasures
for evermore. Psalms 16:11


Monday, August 15, 2022

When I'm using over $50,000 of the highest quality full-frame photography cameras, lenses, and equipment in the world, each exposure I capture costs me over 28.3 cents.

This means that taking the pictures at a typical three-hour dream photoshoot from 5:30 to sunset, where I capture an average of 3,552 images, costs me $1,005.22.

If I charge my standard rate of $399 for the first hour, and $299 for each of the other two hours, then I receive $997 total.

With developing, traveling, processing, planning, calling, retouching, etc., I spend about 24 hours of time on the photoshoot.

There are 268.58 GB of photos from the shoot, and storing and making quadruple backups of the photos at two locations costs me about $1.50 per GB, so that's another $402.87.

So my actual cost is $1,408.09 for a dream photoshoot with the highest quality full-frame pictures in the world, and for it, I am make a total of negative $411.09.

And my actual wages for that same photoshoot for all my 24 hours of hard work with a lifetime of skill and experience is an incredible salary of negative seventeen dollars and thirteen cents per hour.

And yet, my whole wish is that I could afford to give this all away each day to create art.

The saddest thing ever to me about art is that I have to earn money instead of just being able to make beautiful and priceless things exist.

But no one ever values art until the artist is dead.

Mona Lisa was not even wanted by her or her family while they and the artist were alive.

Yet it is worth a billion dollars today.

If you are an artist, keep on believing in the infinite value of your art and putting all your money and time and soul into it.

Don't focus on the temporary earthly value of money for your art, or you will stop creating art and create junk.

Focus only on the eternal Heavenly value of your art, and you will create things whose value is so high that it cannot even be measured until beyond your lifetime, and ultimately in Heaven--the kindness and generosity, and more--those are worth more than any type of dollar bill or silver or gold.

  Joseph Myers

Love God

Proverbs 3:5John 14:1John 3:16

God, please help us to have faith no matter how small, and trust in you in our hearts. Help us believe in Jesus who died and paid for our sins so we can be forgiven if we ask you to forgive our sins in the name of Jesus. And thus enter our hearts and help us to grow in love for you.